Certified & senior SEM consultants

Our SEM consultants are certified in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Google Analytics, Display, and Shopping and have long experience – at least five years in the industry – in search advertising, using anything from Google to Microsoft. Thanks to a data-driven approach and using the latest in machine learning and automation in purchased searches, we can help our clients gain greater visibility in search hits, increase their sales, and get new customers through Google and Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

Google Partner & Google Ads experts

Google Ads is, without a doubt, one of the most important channels today. Ads are at the top of the search results on Google, but also appear in other places online. You get a great opportunity to capture your customers’ interest at the precise moment when they are looking for your product or services. As a Google Partner, we have long experience of Google Ads and offer every kind of service for optimal usage of the tool. As a partner, we support clients in driving sales, optimizing ads, search term analysis, planning, content, and upkeep that leads to increased conversion. Of course, all our clients own their Google Ads accounts.

Drive traffic that converts through Microsoft Ads

With Microsoft Ads, you advertise and drive traffic from Bing – a great supplement to Google Ads. There are many benefits to advertising on Bing. The price-per-click is lower, on average, the competition is not as fierce, and the CPA levels can be much lower, which translates into cheaper conversions as compared with advertising on Google. The target group is also somewhat more senior. Bing is much more popular in the USA – if you have a lot of customers on the other side of the Atlantic, or simple want to extend your SEM strategy, one tip is to start advertising through Microsoft Ads. Our certified consultants can help you set a strategy, create content, and optimize your campaigns as you go.

Shopping – SEM for e-commerce

If you have an online store, Google Shopping is an excellent tool for driving sales in search engines, particularly if you create a strategy involving search term-based campaigns. The main benefit of Google Shopping ads is that they show customers the primary information – price and an image and description of the product – without any clicks required. Google Shopping is known to be a channel with high profitability and is an obvious choice for any online store. Google Shopping is based on your product feed and can be segmented and optimized at the product level, to drive sales of your strongest products in search engines.

We adapt to your needs

Our SEM consultants help our clients succeed in search marketing by providing support in everything from consultancy, devising strategies based on client KPIs, increasing traffic to their website or app using data-driven SEM, to driving sales, finding new customers, and targeting the relevant audience and supporting brand building. Of course, we adapt to your specific reality and find bespoke solutions that suit your operations. This might involve anything from a flexible user experience to increasing traffic or improving performance. Contact us to find out more!

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