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Programmatic advertising simply means buying and selling online ads on an exchange, in real-time. Instead of contacting a media house to buy, say, 80,000 views next week, you buy one view at a time, based on your target group and budget. It’s fast-paced and very here-and-now. Target groups can be adapted based on behavior, demography, geography, and interests. With programmatic advertising, you get valuable information gathered in one place, making it easier to see the results of your marketing. You can adjust and optimize campaigns as you go, in relation to both target groups and what website you are on.

Be on the largest websites

Through programmatic advertising, you get the chance to have ads on websites that are linked to most ad exchanges worldwide. All the main media houses in Sweden, including Schibsted, Amedia, and Aller, offer programmatic purchasing of their products.

A typical task for an agency

Programmatic advertising has become established as one of the main tools connecting marketing and technology, while offering large returns on investment. The technology that facilitates programmatic advertising still requires relatively high competence and therefore often requires that an agency gets involved, unless you have the competence in-house. We use Google’s DSP DV360 for programmatic purchases.

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