Data-driven approach

We always have a close collaboration with our client when we are working with concept development. By working in a data-driven way and focusing on analytics, concept, and design, we help the client learn more about their customers and what they want. Through continuous testing, we get the best possible starting point to deliver concepts with large potential, that drive growth and allow for further optimization over time.

Analytics – the purpose of the solution

During the analytical work, we identify the purpose of the solution, what it is supposed to achieve, and how that will be measured. This is often done through a series of workshops with the client, which creates widespread support and a shared view of the work. We work with situation analysis, comparative analysis, brand and values, target and user groups, idea generation, functionality, content, and accessibility. The analytical phase ends with an effect map, a kind of guideline for the project.

Conception – where ideas are born

When the analytical work is done and the scope has been defined, we move on to conception. In this phase, we identify the most important aspects of the solution. The concept will reveal how the different requirements can be realized in a coherent way, while also delivering the targets set. This might involve anything from design guidelines, conceptualization of ideas, structure, and interaction design to wireframes, navigation design, tonality, and testing.

Design – creating a lasting impression

The graphical design and look of the interface is detailed further, for instance with final decisions on font sizes, colors, layout, and image tonality. Each pixel counts when the interface is implementing in testable prototypes.

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