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Knowit modernizing the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund’s platform for housing loans


Knowit has been tasked with modernizing the housing loan solution of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK). The new platform is a flexible, user-friendly, and complete component-based banking solution. The contract with SPK has a total value of NOK 100 million over ten years.

The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) manages the housing loan system for government employees. SPK’s new solution for housing loans will be Norway’s most modern and user-friendly platform when it is launched next year.

“We are proud to have been awarded the contract with the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund. User-friendly solutions in banking and finance have long been part of our operations, and we are now seeing that more players are taking steps towards more flexible module-based banking system, with a strong focus on high usability,” says Per Wallentin, President of Knowit.

Mette Ystebø, Statens pensjonskasse, and Rune Ivarsflaten, Head of Dploy at Knowit

Knowit will be a one-stop supplier of SPK’s cloud solution (SaaS), which is based on Knowit’s in-house-developed loan application system Dploy – in collaboration with the European tech company Mambu, which will deliver the core system. The result will be a complete application and housing loan track, to be deployed in 2024.

One requirement that SPK had was that the platform would be a cohesive and user-friendly application and loan solution, which would work intuitively for the user, in line with the Norwegian government’s digitalization strategy. The delivery manager, Jan Georg Lehmann at Knowit, says that government entities are currently leading the way in this area.

“We have seen that the government has been innovative within digitalization for many years, with authorities like the Norwegian Tax Administration and NAV as prime examples. It is pleasing, but not surprising, that an organization like the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is the first to build a simpler, more user-friendly component-based banking solution, with data security and privacy remaining the highest priority,” says Jan-Georg Lehmann (in top image).

About the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens pensjonskasse or SPK) provides pensions, insurance, and housing loans to employees in government institutions, higher education, and other organizations connected to the public sector. SPK manages pension rights for around 1,300 organizations and over one million Norwegians who work or have worked in the public sector.

About Mambu

Mambu works with developing module-based, scalable core systems for banks and has over 200 clients in 54 countries.