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Knowit and the Swedish Security Protection Association collaborate for a safer Sweden


Knowit and SSF Stöldskyddsföreningen (the Swedish Security Protection Association) are initiating a collaboration to make Sweden safer. Together, the parties offer three highly relevant courses to satisfy the increasing need of competence in the protective security area.

The protective security legislation was updated in 2019 and even greater demands are now placed on organizations that conduct security-sensitive operations. There is a large need for increased competence in protective security, a need that is expected to grow in step with an increasingly uncertain world situation and more entities conducting operations significant to Sweden’s security.

To address this need, Knowit and SSF are presenting three courses in protective security: Practical protective security analysis, Introduction to protective security under protective security agreements, and Security vetting with security vetting interviews.

“We complement each other in an excellent way. SSF has extensive experience of education and can contribute with legitimacy, high quality, and a broad contact network, whereas Knowit can contribute with top expertise in protective security and a drive to spread the knowledge further. The collaboration is fully in line with Knowit’s vision of creating a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation,” says Peter Lindstedt, head of Knowit’s offer in cybersecurity and law.

Creating a safer society

The CEO of SSF Stöldskyddsföreningen, Thomas Brühl, has a positive view of the collaboration.

“Through this collaboration, we can do our bit to increase competence in protective security and improve the security of Sweden. This means that we are working even closer to our vision of creating a safer society, while also strengthening our position as a security education supplier together with Knowit, thanks to their expertise,” says SSF’s CEO Thomas Brühl.

“We see exciting potential in our collaboration. We view this introduction of three courses in protective security as the starting point of a long-term partnership in which we will create more courses along with SSF, with the goal of increasing competence in security and creating benefits for society,” says Peter Lindstedt.