Share key figures from Knowit's Annual Report 2019

The share price at the end of the financial year was SEK 208.50 (153.60) per share, corresponding to a total market capitalization of SEK 4,014.4 (2,952.3) million.

During the year, the share price increased by 35.7 percent, which can be compared with an increase of 29.6 percent for OMX Nasdaq Stockholm PI and an increase of 17.7 percent for OMX Nasdaq Stockholm Technology PI.

The highest price paid during the year was SEK 224.00 on April 30 2019, while the lowest price was SEK 148.80 on January 3 2019.

During the financial year, 9.7 (6.8) million Knowit shares were traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, or an average of 35,813 (27,294) shares per trading session. The number of shares traded corresponds to 50.2 (35.5) percent of the total shares at year-end.

The share was traded on 248 of the 249 trading days. The total number of shareholders as per December 30 2019 was 10,865 (8,466).

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