Composition of the Nomination Committee

Pursuant to the instruction to the Nomination Committee of Knowit AB, the Nomination Committee shall consist of one representative for each of the three largest registered shareholders that wish to participate in the work, along with the Chairman of the Board.

The new Nomination Committee consists of: 

  • Malin Björkmo, appointed by Handelsbanken Fonder
  • Karin Dennford, appointed by JCE Group AB
  • Teresa Enander, appointed by Formica Capital I AB
  • Jon Risfelt, Chairman of the Board


Teresa Enander has been named Chairman of the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee represents around 25% of the ownership in the Company.

Nomination Committee's tasks

The task of the Nomination Committee is to put forward proposals, at the next Annual General Meeting, for the Chairman of the AGM, the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board, Auditors, fees for Board Members and Auditors, any committee fees, as well as proposals for changes in this instruction on Nomination Committee procedures.


No fee is paid to the members of the Nomination Committee. The Company shall recompense any reasonable costs that arise in connection with the Nomination Committee’s work.

Shareholders can submit proposals

Shareholders who wish to make suggestions to the Nomination Committee can do so via e-mail to

Nomination Committee for the 2021 Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the Nomination Committee procedures for Knowit AB, the Nomination Committee shall be appointed by the three largest shareholders who wish to take part in this work, and the Chairman of the Board.

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