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Strategy for Leading the Green Transition and Clarifying Market Position


Sustainability is not only a critical societal issue but also a fundamental business strategy. Kanthal, in collaboration with Knowit, has reviewed how to clarify their contribution to the green transition through a more defined positioning in the industrial market. With a clear action plan and vision, they aim to drive change and position themselves as leaders in sustainability.

A clear position demonstrating value

Alleima-owned Kanthal is a world leader in products and services for industrial heating technology and resistance materials. Through initiatives such as the electrification of industrial processes, they help their clients enhance production efficiency and reduce environmental emissions.

Kanthal's product range presents significant opportunities for emission reductions across industries, a point they recognized needed clearer communication. In partnership with Knowit, they have developed a precise positioning strategy to strengthen their market position, value proposition, and growth.

Defining sustainable advantages

To identify the meaning of Kanthal as a sustainability leader, a sustainability framework based on several dimensions was utilized, covering various areas of sustainability as well as the company's current and desired positioning. With the support of this framework and thorough mapping, we clearly defined what it means and what is required to be a market leader in each area. Consequently, Kanthal’s strategy is anchored in their competitive advantages within climate impact, circularity, and commercialization.

Market positioning is also influenced by the industrial market and Kanthal’s capabilities, which involved analyses of external and internal factors, best practices, and collaborative workshops. With a comprehensive view of commercial, operational, and sustainable capabilities, we have defined the conditions under which Kanthal can generate greater value from their sustainability efforts.

Knowit has assisted us in understanding and sharpening our position on sustainability and simplifying the complexity into clear areas of action. The inclusive approach also served as a strong internal mobilization, laying the foundation for a renewed sustainability identity.

Nicolai Schaaf, Sustainability Manager


Plan for clear positioning

The outcome of this initiative culminated in a plan for various strategic areas that establish the conditions for a clear positioning as a sustainability leader. Each area has clearly prioritized activities and capabilities that Kanthal continues to develop to transition from the current state to the desired state.

To succeed in this transformation journey, a combination of internal and external activities is necessary to reinforce the positioning and enhance awareness of Kanthal’s sustainable values as a supplier.

How the solution contributes to Agenda 2030

Contribution to Goal 9: By developing Kanthal’s sustainability strategy, the project contributed to Goal 9 of the UN’s Agenda 2030. The project and strategy outlined activities aimed at increasing circularity and reducing emissions in Kanthal’s operations and production.

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