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Product development & engineering

Enhance competitiveness and meet the market demands for your product. When you want to develop the next generation solution, we are here for you. We deliver sustainable software solutions with a focus on embedded systems, IoT platforms, and cloud applications, and take pride in collaborating with some of Sweden's most innovative companies.

Proudly presenting some of our work:

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Staying ahead of the game

Technical development is taking place at an accelerating speed and our clients’ main challenge is staying relevant and competitive on a challenging market. The technical development is exponential, and you need to be more proactive and flexible to future-proof your product development and competitiveness. We work with market leaders in automotive, defense, Medtech, Telecom and the manufacturing industry. How can we help you?

Services we provide within product development & engineering:

We come in all shapes and sizes

We are ready to help you on the terms that suit your organization the best. Whether you want a partner to take full responsibility for building a complete end-2-end software solution or help with agile teams and expert consultants, we’ll gladly help you out.

Future-proofing your technical solutions

By teaming up with Knowit, you will get a partner providing business-critical technical expertise, working to future-proof your technical solutions while helping to increase productivity. We work to further strengthen your market position and competitive edge. Sounds good right?

Always agile

With more than 15+ years of experience in providing high-performing agile teams to our clients, we can help you in the automotive, medtech, manufacturing, and telecom industries to become agile and efficient. Do you want to increase productivity, reduce lead time, deliver with higher quality, and have teams that perform? Let's connect!

Do you want to know how we can assist you?

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