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Smart hard hats for safer construction sites


An international construction corporation in Poland has – in collaboration with Knowit, among other companies – developed connected, smart hard hats, with the aim of increasing safety for employees on construction sites.


Connected helmet, developed by Knowit and others.
Sensor for the connected helmet.

The challenge – prevent accidents on construction sites

One of Europe’s leading construction companies in Poland contacted Knowit to request help in increasing safety in the workplace.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one in ten construction workers is injured every year. This could be prevented if we discovered risky behaviors or situations on construction sites in time. By increasing the safety for employees, construction companies can decrease workplace accidents and thus also decrease the costs associated with such accidents.


The solution – smart hard hat as for preventing accidents

In a close collaboration, we jointly developed the smart hard hat as a tool for preventing accidents on construction sites. With the smart hard hat – which is connected to the internet – we created the conditions for a broad range of important functions, such as ensuring that the worker wearing the hard hat has the right certificates to use machines and equipment. The hard hat can also sense and warn employees of all kinds of deviations and dangers, such as shaking, impacts, falls, and temperature changes. The smart hard hat is connected to a platform that manages data collection and presents statistics on a dashboard in real time.


The smart helmets significantly decrease the risk of accidents

Several smart hard hats have been tested on a construction site in Warsaw. This meant that the technical solution could be validated and certain benefits were realized. The venture is the first of its kind in Europe. Thanks to the connected hard hat, it is now possible to:

  • Significantly decrease the risk of accidents on construction sites.
  • Improve team leadership and work planning.
  • Achieve more effective health and security monitoring.
  • Create a clearer workforce overview and better equipment monitoring, including location tracking and electronic timestamps.

How the solution contributes to Agenda 2030

UN SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth, as the goal of the smart hard hat serves to promote inclusive and long-term sustainable economic growth and full and productive employment with decent work conditions for all.


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Johan Ward

Chief Sales Officer