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Develop sustainable digital business

In an era powered by AI, robotics, and big data, the cloud stands as the central catalyst. While it brings agility and cost-efficiency, the growing adoption of cloud increases energy use making it essential to prioritise sustainability for responsible growth.

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Measure your sustainability footprint and identify areas for positive impact.


Achieve your sustainability goals by maximising resource efficiency.


Adapt your operations to new sustainable cloud-driven business models.

Take control of your environmental footprint 

Adopting a sustainable cloud strategy not only benefits the planet but also drives business value. We are committed to helping our customers control and optimise their environmental impact of their cloud workloads.

To understand your sustainability impact in the cloud, you first need to be able to measure your footprint. We help you with gathering, analysing and taking action on the data in optimising your cloud resources to reduce environmental impact while maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Sustainability impact when using cloud 

The sustainability wins of the cloud are many. Studies show for instance, that moving to the public cloud can help organisations reduce the carbon footprint of their IT operations by almost 90%. 

Also, data centers of cloud providers are adopters of renewable energy, primarily solar and wind power. Microsoft has been carbon neutral through offsetting since 2012 and its data centers run on 60% renewable electricity. By 2025, AWS aims to power its operations with 100% renewable energy. Google Cloud has been carbon neutral through offsetting since 2007 and aims at being carbon-free by 2030.

Our take on sustainability in the cloud

As member of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and the UN-backed global campaign Race to Zero, we are integrating climate action into our business strategy and helping clients to reduce GHG emissions in line with the 1.5°C climate ambition.  

In terms of cloud, this means that we will help you make sustainable choices to minimise the carbon footprint of your cloud solutions and IT infrastructure. We do this by providing market-leading sustainability expertise and advanced sustainability practices by the top cloud providers AWS, Microsoft, and Google.  

With us as your trusted advisor, we will use sustainability indicators and a monitoring framework to measure the environmental impact of your cloud solution and ensure your operations in the cloud support your sustainability goals.

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