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The companies of the future

Read more about our sustainability efforts, targets and results on our path to becoming a company of the future.

What is a company of the future?

The companies of the future refers to the company's own sustainability activities. For Knowit, this means working with goals and following up the company's climate efforts, reducing its own emissions in line with the 1.5° C degree target, ethical business, equality work, the healthy workplace, and labor and human rights under Knowit's code of conduct.

Knowit’s climate efforts

Target:  Knowit has committed to decreasing its absolute emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3, respectively) by at least 50 percent by 2030, compared with an average of the emissions in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Result: See picture.


1) Since 2018, Knowit performs and annual Carbon Footprint Assessment to understand how its footprint is changing and what actions are needed to achieve the targets set.

2) In 2018 and 2019, Knowit and more than 40 other companies in the digitalization consultancy industry devised a roadmap for a fossil-free, climate-positive, competitive digitalization consultancy sector. The roadmap was drafted on commission by the Swedish government within the framework of the governmental initiative on a Fossil-Free Sweden. Part of the roadmap was that Knowit committed to halve the CO2 emission from its own operations in 2018 by 2030, and to be entirely fossil-free by 2045.

3) To reduce Knowit’s own impact, the Company has during 2021 established science-based targets in line with a net zero future, as a response to what the latest research indicates is needed to limit the effects on the climate.

Ethical Business

Ethical business

Target: Knowit’s goal is to measure and follow up the work.

Result: See picture. The Whistleblower matter reported during 2021 has been managed in accordance with Knowit’s routines.

Activities: Knowit shall adhere to the ethical rules for communication, marketing, and advertising that are relevant for the markets on which we operate. When employees represent Knowit, they shall observe Knowit’s Code of Conduct. Knowit’s Whistleblower function is provided by an external supplier and is available through the Company’s intranet. The external supplier ensures that the identity of the person reporting is protected and that he/she will remain anonymous. All new employees are informed about the function as part of the introductory program.

Equality work

Target: Knowit has a goal of an even gender distribution (40–60 percent) among executives at all levels in Knowit (recruiting managers, executive teams, subsidiary managers, corporate managers, Board of Directors). Knowit’s goal is to measure and follow up its equality work.

Result: See picture. A result of the merger with Cybercom is increased diversity as regards ethnicity, but a somewhat lower proportion of women among their employees. The explanation is that Cybercom had a greater breadth of nationalities, while Knowit had come further it its work on gender representation and distribution. Within Knowit, there are now 56 nationalities among employees and an age span from 19 to 74 years.

Activities: In 2022, Knowit will continue its active equality work to increase its range of cultural diversity. Active work is performed to prevent and counteract the occurrence of sexual harassment. Our plan of action against discrimination and harassment/sexual harassment is updated continuously and the latest version is always available in Swedish on knowit.se. Emphasis is placed on the proactive work, which focuses on spreading information, offering a forum for discussion and building a culture characterized by respect and security. The goal is to create a process for taking tangible actions to manage what has happened, for instance therapy talks under safe conditions. This work is governed by Knowit’s Code of Conduct and Equality and diversity policy.

The healthy workplace

Target: Knowit shall have an ill health metric below 2,5 percent.

Result: See picture. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Knowit has seen that short-term sick leave first decreased and thereafter returned to a level similar to before the pandemic. The level of stress-related sick leave is at the same level as before. Conversations with managers and employees show that the traditional stress leading to burnout, related to losing control and not being enough, is decreasing slightly, while stress related to not being seen and being valuable is increasing. In all, long-term sick leave has increased somewhat during 2021.

Activities: A new aspect that arose during the pandemic, with teleworking, is an increased risk of physical injuries due to poor ergonomics when working from home. Knowit is actively working to prevent this by providing ergonomic office equipment. During two years with the COVID-19 pandemic, the work on the healthy workplace has not been possible to perform with the same positive impact as before. This, combined with the large increase in employees following the merger with Cybercom, means that Knowit in 2022 will focus on this area and with continued education and follow-up of both managers and employees, and a retained focus on rehabilitation of those on long-term sick leave.

Attracting competence

Target: Knowit continuously measures eNPS (the willingness to recommend the workplace). This KPI is a clear indicator of our chances to attract new employees. The reference value in the digitalization consultancy industry is 16.

Result: See the picture. The general employee index for the IT sector decreased slightly in the spring of 2021, which was also seen in Knowit’s measurements.

Activities: As an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, new ways of working, with digital meetings and teleworking, have developed. Knowit strives to continue developing these new work methods, to give employees a chance to work more flexibly and efficiently than before. A mix of working in an office and teleworking will decrease the risk of psychosocial ill health, while also creating better conditions for creativity.

Labor and human rights under the Code of Conduct

Target: Knowit’s goal is to measure and follow up the work.

Result: See picture.

Activities: Knowit’s corporate culture, which is characterized by the meeting between responsible managers and employees, is based on respect, openness and honest. Knowit’s Code of Conduct governs how Knowit creates relationships with the Company’s stakeholders. Knowit observes laws and ordinances in the countries in which it operates, as well as complying with governing documents, such as company-specific regulations and policies.

What more do we do to promote sustainability?

We work actively to contribute to the UN Agenda 2030 and the development of society, with a particular focus on positive environmental and climate impact, and increased inclusion. Here you can read what we do and our achievements so far in the different areas of sustainability:

Sustainability reporting with reference to the GRI standards

Our sustainability work is gathered in Knowit's annual report. Here you will find in-depth information about how we work for a healthy workplace, increased gender equality, less carbon dioxide emissions – and much more. You can also contact us with your sustainability questions.

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