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Pillar | 3 The business of the future

Read more about targets, outcomes and activities on our path to creating a sustainable society in line with the UN SDGs and the Paris Agreement 1.5-degree goal.

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What is a business of the future?

The business of the future focuses on how we at Knowit can contribute to creating a sustainable society through our work with digitalization and innovation. 

We have a unique possibility to use our expertise to provide clients and society with solutions to meet the largest global challenge of our time, climate change. This also creates new and unique business opportunities for Knowit. By integrating sustainability and climate in our business strategy, values, vision, and ultimately in the value offer to clients, Knowit can contribute to a positive impact on global sustainability.

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Do you want to know more?

Are you interested in how we work with sustainability at Knowit? Feel free to contact me, and I'll be happy to tell you more.

Joakim Pilborg

Head of Sustainability