Dploy is a platform developed especially for automated management of loan applications. The platform is targeted at finance companies offering leasing, equipment leasing for companies, sales financing/unsecured credits, mortgages, loans, credit cards and other finance products to their customers. Customers and partners like negotiators and agents can also see credit approvals within a few seconds.

Dploy was redesigned this fall, but has been around since 1999 and more than 500 billion Norwegian kronor have passed through the platform since.

"Over half of all car financing in Norway goes through Dploy," says Rolf Kleppestø, business developer at Knowit, the company behind Dploy.

From the world's first online bank to BankID and Vipps

Since Knowit created the first online bank in Norway, almost twenty years ago, the company has created new, self-service solutions for large parts of the Norwegian financial sector. Today, there are used by almost all Norwegian banks for car financing, aside form other financing and leasing.

"We digitalize the entire process, from information gathering, credit assessment, signatures and security through to payment," says Kleppestø.

Knowit is also behind many of the most modern solutions on the banking and finance market and has been deeply involved in också BankID and Vipps (a Norwegian mobile payment app).

Adapted to the customers

And the platform has a unique flexibility. Instead of forcing the finance companies to adapt to a rigid and standardized systems, Dploy can adapt to them.

"Our solutions can be integrated with the existing infrastructure, or function as an entirely freestanding entity," says Kleppestø.

Some of the largest players in financing now use Dploy. Among them are BMW, Volkswagen, DNB Finans, Santander and Brage Finans. 

The business and IT development manager at EasyBank, Lars Petter Ulveseth, says that they chose Dploy because they wanted a system that was flexible and efficient for them.

"Each day, 2,000 applications are managed in our systems. Dploy is a central building block in our operations and its flexibility allows for fast changes, which is very important in our industry." 

He also says that it provides a sense of security that several Nordic players in the same industry use Dploy.

"That means that Knowit is always alert to any needs for further development," says Ulveseth.

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Do you want to offer your partners a user-friendly and efficient tool, that facilitates the entire value chain, from the first drafting of an agreement and through to payment?

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