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Defence and security solutions

We have been collaborating with the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, and the defence industry. This has given us knowledge about what is required when services and products need to be adapted for the defence sector. We can help you develop defence solutions and are able to adjust the secrecy level based on the requirements of your operations.

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Digitalization of the public sector

With broad competence, long experience, deep insights, and innovativeness, we help governments and municipalities to deliver better services to citizens and organizations. We are familiar with the special challenges that you encounter in your daily operations and are happy to help with digitization of public services.

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FinTech solutions

The development of finance technology is moving quickly and the range of digital banking and financing services is growing. FinTech has also changed the behaviors and service use of consumers. We can help you keep up with the competition!

With our platform Dploy, companies that offer various kinds of financing can automate their credit processes. This creates lower operating costs and the possibility to process more loan applications without hiring more staff. The cherry on top is that the end user perceives it as easier and quicker to get financing.


Solutions for the forestry industry

Digitization has gained a strong foothold in the forestry industry and the investments in digitization and IT are continuing. Thanks to our IT consultants, who have several years' experience of the forestry and industry sectors, we have gained an understanding for your operations. Together with you, we can find the solutions to your problems, based on your particular circumstances.

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Klara archive management

Klara is a market-leading archive management system. An easy-to-use system for managing both analog and digital archives. Management can be process-oriented or based on the public archive structure.

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