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Evidence-based design

User-centered design has a basis in the user and this is the primary focus in each step of the design and development process. This is achieved through analysis and investigation, but also through validation tests in real environments and situations involving the user.

Knowit has competence in human-computer interaction (HCI) and can manage your assets and visions. We offer tailored advice and services in user-centered design.

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Optimize the product for use

We make sure that each product is based on ISO 9241-11 and its guidelines on usability, as regards suitability, efficiency and satisfaction.

We work to optimize the product based on how users can, want to, and need to use the product. We steer these efforts using the user-centered framework defined in ISO 9241 - Ergonomics of human-system interaction – Part 210:2010 Human-centered design for interactive system.

The phases of the work process

We ensure that a product meets the needs of users and creates improvements through the following phases: Analysis, Conceptualization, Design, and Validation. We investigate, experiment, build on what works, reject what doesn't work, follow the evidence where it leads in design of the product, and question accustomed patterns and behaviors.

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Work with us at Knowit

We focus on our clients' largest data collections, where analysis and conceptualization are most important for realizing great values in solutions that are vital, complex, and used by many.

Our clients can rely on us to ensure that products, services, and operations will maximize their potential. Contact us to learn how we can help you!

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