Testit 2019

Testit 2019

We strive to make every single one of our conferences special, but this year we went big. A fantastic range of some of the best both local and international speakers that our industry has to offer. Exclusive giveaways, an extravagant cocktail party - naturally including a toast for our five-year anniversary - and so much more. The theme this year was, appropriately, the future and our sessions included exciting subjects on everything from how to learn and test efficiently to machine learning, security and AI. 

Testit 2018

The conference grew and we moved to new premises, with a great setting in Malmö börshus.

The theme of the year was non-functional requirements, "Illities," and we explored non-functional testing through interesting sessions covering everything from testing of an airport to an exciting recording of quality assurance in DevOps.

Testit 2017

With two different tracks on the theme "Automation och Creative Testing," Testit 2017 had something for everyone. The conference contained popular sessions from some of the best local speakers.

The keynote speakers were Katriina Valli, RPA evangelist, and Jurgen Appelo, author and speaker in the field of leadership and creative organizations.

Testit 2016

Testit 2016

Off the positive response from the first conference, we started planning for 2016. Testit was here to stay!

The theme of the year was test management, where test managers with both short and long experience sharing their keys to success and lessons learned from failures.

testit 2015

Testit 2015

Testit sprang from the desire to nurture the wonderful testing community in southern Sweden. The first conference was held at Media Evolution City in central Malmö.

The theme was security and the response was overwhelming, including that from some of the main experts in the field. It was great to see the conference become a reality alongside all the participants!

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