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Flexible and comprehensive test services

The test services we offer are flexible and tailored to the challenges you face.  What expert input are you looking for? We offer functional and technical testing. We are also skilled in performance testing, security testing and availability testing.  

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Quality management

If you plan your quality management activities comprehensively at an early stage, you will reap the rewards in terms of cost-effective quality assurance throughout the software lifecycle.

Quality and measurability are necessary to make good decisions in the development phase of a project. These must be linked to your strategic business objectives. Our quality planning and quality management services help you prioritize and plan, for easier 
decision making.  

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Helen Lyhde Nial
Head of Quality Assurance Services
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The right tools for the job

Which tools are best?

Effective testing requires the right tools. When choosing tools you need to consider how often the tool will be used and where, what administration requirements it has, what support is needed and what skills future users will need to have. A tool must also have the right capacity and be suitable for the situation.

A large network

With our extensive experience of different tools and a large network of partners, we can help you choose. We know all about both proprietary tools and open source tools.

Once a tool that supports the quality assurance process has been selected and implemented, we are happy to provide continuous service in the form of administration and user support.

Make time for the fun part with more automation

Test automation shortens the development cycle without compromising on quality. Other benefits include test data generation and maintenance, test environment setup and monitoring, and service virtualization.

Your investment in test automation will ultimately only be profitable if the people developing it have solid experience and expertise, and effective tools. That’s where we come in.

If you are considering automation, you need to think carefully about what you do and do not want to automate. We have a wealth of experience from lots of different customer environments and test automation tools. 

Test environments in the cloud

Test environments can, and according to many should, be cloud-based. Automating test environments means that automation scripts can be run in a dedicated place in the cloud, which can be created and then removed automatically after the test has finished. This minimizes the effort and the cost of using environments, as only the currently required number of environments exist at any particular time. No more and no less.

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Become a testing pro

Knowit Testing Professional

We offer a training package called Knowit Testing Professional. The package includes basic training in testing, and also more advanced certification courses. And we run technical courses in areas such as test automation, covering a number of popular test tools. 

Apart from our fixed training packages, we can provide bespoke courses for your particular needs. If you need training in an area we haven’t covered so far, we’d enjoy the challenge of creating it.

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Training we offer:


The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) has three certification levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert. We run preparatory courses ahead of certification at the Foundation and Advanced levels.


This training is aimed at certification in agile methodologies. Strands include Certified Agile Essentials (CAE), focusing on the fundamentals of agile methodologies, and Certified Agile Tester (CAT), covering agile testing.

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The Testit conference

Testit is one of the largest testing conferences in Sweden. The conference annually gathers various competencies in the testing area to spend a day sharing knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. A conference for testers, by testers!

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