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What is innovation?

Is innovation possible in every sector and area? Or has everything already been invented? Innovation does not come from a system or political desire, it comes from individuals open to possibilities.

Our two-day innovation workshop has as its purpose and goal to identify innovative concepts and ideas with the potential to result in new or improved products. The long-term result is that the participants will continue to think innovatively.

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Day 1 - define the goal

What should get better, how much better, and for whom? These are the crucial questions to answer if you want your development project to have maximum success. New products are usually created to simplify or improve life for certain people or groups. In order to develop the right product, we need to know who they are. Who is ready to pay for our products? We call them our stakeholders.

We also need to figure out what problem to solve. What should improve and by how much? It is important to invest your development budget in solving the right problem and nothing else. All too often, organizations end up focusing on the wrong problem and the solutions created are based on assumptions or - in the worst case - on something like "what the development manager thought seemed cool."

Together, we define what should improved by writing down the ten most important requirements for the project. All the requirements are quantified - in other words we put a number on exactly how much value we want to deliver to our stakeholders. It's not enough to write "better, more entertaining, faster." Everyone can quantify money. We will learn how to quantify when it comes to "better, more entertaining, faster." 

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Day 2 - time to get innovative

What is an innovation, who is an innovator, how do you think innovatively? The day begins with a lecture on the topic of innovation. We will give you a number of tricks and models for the creative process, at the individual level. Next, the participants will perform some exercises to practice their creative thinking.

The afternoon continues with a brief overview of different patenting strategies. As an innovative company, you need a basic understanding of patents and the possibilities and difficulties they can entail.

With a basis in the requirements identified during the preceding day, we will formulate a set of tangible problems that your product should solve. We will go over how a successful brainstorm should be performed to maximize the creativity of a group. Then, we will jointly perform a brainstorm based on the problems we have drafted. Many new and unexpected concepts are likely to appear!

Lastly, we will categorize and analyze the new ideas that have resulted.

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