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We have a lot of experience of tailoring theories and processes for requirements management to companies in many different sectors. We know that each company is unique, but we also know that there are challenges common to all companies, regardless of sector.

Our diagnosis begins with a solid analysis of the current status of the company's product development process, with a focus on requirements management. This is immensely important if improvements are to be made. If you don't know where you are now, it is very hard to figure out how to improve. We will review project documentation, perform interviews, and analyze the operations.

Plant with root

We take the result to one of our reference groups, consisting of at least four consultants with experience from various sectors. This means we can get improvement suggestions and ideas from several different viewpoints. Perfect benchmarking, in other words.

Then, we present the analysis as a report, along with a number of improvement suggestions. The point is that these suggestions should be possible to adopt without any large procedural changes and without our help. We believe that requirements management becomes truly effective only when a company understands how important it is and what should be done, instead of always relying on consultants. Of course, we are happy to help if needed.

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Head of Requirements analysis
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