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As a frontrunner in sustainable technology consulting, Knowit is the first in the Nordic market in providing a sustainability-driven cloud offering. With us as your trusted advisor, we will use sustainability indicators and a monitoring framework to measure the environmental impact of your cloud solution and ensure your cloud supports your sustainability goals.

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Cloud Sustainability Scorecard & Toolkit - measure the impact of your cloud solution 

Cloud Sustainability Scorecard is Knowit’s signature, cloud-agnostic tool to assess, visualize and follow the sustainability impact of your cloud project, including indicators for direct and indirect sustainability impacts in business and platforms. 

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Cloud Sustainability Scorecard combined with our effective Toolkit helps you measure the level of sustainability throughout your cloud journey by monitoring the change of energy use and GHG emissions, as well as the enabling sustainability effects that your cloud project promotes. 

Monitoring Framework – track your progress towards your sustainability goals

Our three-stage Monitoring Framework will help you understand, optimize, and transform not only your cloud environment but your entire digital business in the face of climate change and the carbon footprint. 

Whether you want to set clear goals for sustainable business or be prepared for new sustainability regulations and legislations, our Monitoring Framework helps you to take measurable actions and utilize proven tools to benchmark your organization’s sustainability performance & to manage your cloud emissions. Every step you take brings you closer to your sustainability goals. 

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Our three-stage Monitoring Framework: 


Measure and analyze your sustainability impact and identify the opportunities of generating sustainable impact.


Achieve your sustainability goals and generate responsible business value by optimizing resource use.


Adapt your digital business to sustainability with new, transformative cloud-enabled business models. 

Sustainability impact when using cloud

The sustainability wins of the cloud are many. Studies show for instance, that moving to the public cloud can help organizations reduce the carbon footprint of their IT operations by almost 90 percent. 

Also, data centers of cloud providers are adopters of renewable energy, primarily solar and wind power. Microsoft has been carbon neutral through offsetting since 2012 and its data centers run on 60 percent renewable electricity. By 2025, AWS aims to power its operations with 100 percent renewable energy. Google Cloud has been carbon neutral through offsetting since 2007 and aims at being carbon-free by 2030. 

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Our take on sustainability in the cloud

As member of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and the UN-backed global campaign Race to Zero, we are integrating climate action into our business strategy and helping clients to reduce GHG emissions in line with the 1.5°C climate ambition.

In terms of cloud, this means that we will help you make sustainable choices to minimize the carbon footprint of your cloud solutions and IT infrastructure. We do this by providing market-leading sustainability expertise and advanced sustainability practices by the top cloud providers AWS, Microsoft, and Google. 

We will be leveraging these three cloud platforms to run carbon neutral operations, and fully on renewable energy by 2025 in the regions where we utilize data centers for our clients’ solutions. 

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