Cloud analysis and strategy. Which solution is right for you?

Not all clouds are the same and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Let our team of cloud experts untangle the knots and guide you through different cloud solutions and suggest how your cloud strategy can be designed or optimized.

There are many questions surrounding the technical, sustainable, organizational and management aspects of cloud initiatives that should be considered when creating a cloud strategy. 

Based on the requirements analysis, we will map out your path to the cloud with a cloud strategy roadmap , tailored to suit your needs and meet your individual requirements whilst enabling you to reach your company’s sustainability targets.

With a solid strategy in your hand, you will be ready to reap the benefits of the cloud. Such as increased flexibility, reduced costs, lowered GHG emissions of your digital infrastructure and an added capacity for innovation.

Already using the cloud? Perfect your cloud services, design and architecture.

Do you already have a cloud strategy and would like it to encompass your cloud services, architecture, design, and sustainability?

Based on your needs, we will carry out a thorough analysis of your management systems and infrastructure and provide recommendations on different alternatives and strategies to sustainable cloud services. The work includes an assessment of which services and applications are suitable for the cloud, regardless of whether it is new services or determining if your existing services are suitable for moving to the cloud. We will also cover cyber security and resilience strategies for the cloud.

Once your needs have been established, our certified cloud architects will help you determine the best possible design, and our software architects will design your applications for optimized operations in the cloud.

As a one-stop-shop for all your cloud and IT needs, we can also assist in setting up the frameworks for your processes and routines regarding administrations of infrastructure and cloud applications.

Cloud compliance analysis – regulations and legislation

Is your cloud secure and compliant? Order a detailed report of how your organization is exposed through cloud services and which security aspects you should consider. The report also identifies the regulations and legislations that are relevant to you and provides recommendations on how you can safeguard your cloud.

Planning to move to the cloud? Consider this first.

Gain a solid understanding for what the new digital ecosystem and modern cloud services really are, and what a move to the cloud would mean for your operations. Book a full-day workshop with our cloud strategists and learn more about both the world of the cloud and the business benefits and risks of cloud services. During the day, we will discuss technology, processes, and organization in cloud initiatives. We will also share our experiences, trend surveys and open your eyes to the different cloud service providers and their sustainability impact.

Why Knowit?

Why Knowit?

We can provide support and give advice to both boards, management teams, and IT managers in your current and future cloud challenges. We have strategic partnerships with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Together with you, we will ensure that your organization gains the competitive advantages of the cloud, such as lowered costs, and increased flexibility, efficiency, and innovativeness. 

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