Strategic cloud partnerships

Whether you are starting a cloud migration or have a multi-cloud strategy, we can ensure you get the most out of the cloud. As strategic partners to the leading cloud computing services on the market, we provide specialized skills and experience to help your organization identify and implement the services best suited for your needs.

We have strategic partnerships with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.

  • AWS Premier Consulting Partner
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure, Data & AI, Digital App & Innovation, and Security
  • Google Cloud Premier Partner 

Amazon Web Services, AWS

As the most mature cloud platform with a high pace of innovation and great growth in the number of services, AWS is a safe choice.

Why choose Amazon Web Services

  • Stable, safe, and secure
  • High pace of innovation
  • Large diversity of services

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a leading alternative to cloud platform where it is easy to build, distribute and manage services and applications across web, mobile and other IoT devices.

Why choose Microsoft Azure

  • Well known and widespread in the Nordic countries
  • A secure all-in-one supplier
  • Solid in computing, analysis, storage, and development
  • Access the data anytime, anywhere 
  • Can be combined with server locally 

Google Cloud

Growth, change, efficiency, or innovation - regardless of which approach you emphasize, Google Cloud has the potential to realize its ambitions.

Why choose Google Cloud

  • Carbon neutral data storage 
  • Strong in machine learning and artificial intelligence 
  • Gold candidate in everything that has to do with search engines and SEO
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