Monitor, manage and optimise in the cloud

Our skilled and certified team maintains and ensures the functionality of your business-critical services and applications around the clock so that you can focus on your core business. From our Nordic based 24/7 operations center, you get the most important managed services centrally.

We help you monitor and maintain all your cloud environments to optimise costs and prevent or minimise application downtime. Cloud advisory, architecture and professional support are always a call away.

Nordic-based maintenance service and operations

We take care of all migration projects, cloud-based architecture planning, security and round-the-clock services for you to make your life easier and ensure the best maintenance service for your customers. Our Nordic team ensures 24/7 service with a fast response time.

Reliable service from certified cloud experts

We offer you an experienced team with strong technical and operational skills in cloud services and technologies, DevOps and digital transformation. We are proud of solving problems quickly from the first contact and often faster than in the service level agreement. Whether your operations are all cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid or on-premise, our team knows how to run your operations smoothly with best practices.

Managed services that grow with you

Our managed services are flexible and grow according to your needs. You can easily upgrade the service level to a higher level when your application develops and becomes more business-critical. We are committed to keeping your cloud service available and up to date – so that you can focus on serving and delighting your customers.

Experience the power of our managed services for all the leading cloud platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
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