Support for Applications and Workloads

With our Application and Workload Services you can increase your development team's productivity, reduce problems and incidents, and have better control over your application and workload costs. Overall, it creates a monitored and controlled environment for your workload and application management with more stable and better performing business applications and workloads.​

Edge Security

Secure your services integrity and availability. We can mitigate threats against your services with our Edge Security service. The service builds your security posture with well-proven tools, ensures that rules and configurations are always up to date, monitors your services’ availability and responds in lockstep in the event of an attack. Keep focusing on your own customers and have Knowit focus on mitigating threats against your services.

Enterprise level support that grows with you

Our services are flexible and grows with your needs. You can choose to upgrade to a higher service level when your application becomes more business critical. We are passionate about keeping your services up and running — so that you can stay passionate about serving and delighting your customers.

  • Basic support level for development and test workloads
  • Enterprise support level for production workloads and business applications
  • Enterprise+ support level for most critical business workloads and applications
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