The Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) guides migration journey as an iterative process of migrating one workload, or a small collection of workloads per release. In each iteration, the process of assess, migration, and optimise and promote is followed to ensure that workloads are ready to meet production demands.

With our Cloud Migration Practice, we will look at your needs and fit the migration to your specific needs. Our aim is to create a right-sized migration process that fits any sized solution. Our cloud migration programs include three distinct phases.

The assessment and plan

The assessment is a process of determining the current state of environments, identifying readiness gaps, scoping the migration, and tailoring the engagement. After the assessment, you have a plan that has all the relevant information such as a migration roadmap and a defined business case. With this plan, we strive to find the balance of performance and price and make mature decisions that are data-driven and result in consistent process and on-boarding. 

Migrate and modernise

Our standardised process allows for the modernisation of your digital estate in alignment with the results of the migration plan. During each migration, workloads are migrated and modernised, decisions regarding IaaS, PaaS, or hybrid made during the assessment phase are used to optimise control and execution. 

Optimise, Secure, and Manage

To ensure the best result after the migration we prepare the migrated solution for on-going operations in the cloud. These include integrations with operations, governance, and security.

Paramount to successful operation after migration are reliability, cost optimisation, application optimisation, process optimisation, and operational optimisation.

Kickstart your Migration to Azure with Ignite & Engage one hour briefing!

We will run you through our proven Cloud Migration Practice, that is designed to empower you with a smooth and efficient transition and transformation to Azure Cloud.

You will gain insight on the overarching discovery and assessment process, as well as building the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and adopting an early version of migration plan and process. We will also touch base on Microsoft programs and pricing, as well as aligning your future estate against the best practices in cloud.

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