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Successful cloud adoption requires a fine balance of trained people, a strong understanding of technology, tailored processes, and a sustainable approach.

As certified partners to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud we assess, plan, and carry out migrations to the public cloud based on your challenges and infrastructure. To help you accelerate your cloud adoption journey, we use a proof-of-concept approach, where you experience the cloud solution before applying it to production. 

Benefits of cloud adoption

Whether developing new products and services, entering a new market, or creating improved customer experiences, migrating workloads to the cloud empowers your organisation to focus more on the core of your business.

By eliminating the load from your own infrastructure maintenance, cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offer the benefits of faster innovation and managed solutions to deliver maximum results. 

Other advantages include better security against online threats, automatic updates, and flexibility in upscaling or downscaling resources according to your needs. 

Cloud Migration Practice – assessment, planning, and execution

Assessment – are you ready for the cloud?

Every cloud journey is unique and so is yours. Each enterprise cloud migration we help to execute begins with an end-to-end migration assessment and planning phase. This helps to ensure a smooth migration for your business, while allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current environments. Through the assessment, we also identify and tackle any readiness gaps, helping to ensure a smooth cloud migration journey.


Planning – paving a smooth migration path

Following the assessment, we create a detailed implementation and migration plan. The plan includes a proposed migration roadmap and business case complete with timelines and how you will go about the migration process in practice. We work alongside you every step of the way — just as great partners do. 

Execution – modernization in the cloud

There are multiple migration paths to pick from and together we design a cloud migration solution that is custom-tailored for your organization. We will work closely together to migrate and modernise your workloads safely and securely to the cloud, and all with minimal downtime. 

We leverage the right cloud management tools that meet your cloud migration needs and requirements. With our cloud skills and know-how, we ensure a seamless and smooth transition, ensuring your business achieves the benefits of the cloud. 

Test your solution with a Proof of Concept (PoC)

Before migrating your business to a public cloud, you can validate your solution with a Proof of Concept. Our Cloud PoC enables you to test your ideas, products, or applications in an isolated cloud environment before deploying them to production. This lets you evaluate a potential cloud migration and explore the benefits before committing. 

Cloud platform support and customer care

When your workloads are migrated to the cloud, we offer you end-to-end, custom-tailored solutions for your new and modernised cloud-based operations. From managed services to support, our cloud migration solutions include cloud integration tools, environment management, platform governance, security and all aspects of testing, reliability and optimising your costs and processes. Everything to keep your cloud optimized and on track. 

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