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Organisations need to look beyond technology to reap the full benefits of the cloud. They need a thorough understanding of how cloud usage can increase their performance in a scalable manner.

From advising your teams to setting up your cloud infrastructure and developing state-of-the-art applications, Knowit is the agile cloud partner you need to grow your organisation.

Cloud Strategy and Advisory

Do you want to benefit from the cloud and gain an increased flexibility, efficiency, and capacity for innovation? We will guide you onto the cloud and suggest how you can set up for your cloud strategy based on the needs, requirements, and conditions of your operations.

With our team of experts in cloud strategy, we can provide support and give advice to both boards, management teams, and IT managers in your current and future challenges. We offer everything from workshops and advice on organizational, legal, and technical aspects, to drafting a full cloud strategy.

Together with you, we will ensure that your organization gains the competitive advantages of the cloud, such as lowered costs, and increased flexibility, efficiency, and innovativeness.

Cloud Core

Set your organisation up for success

The systematic and standardised approach is required to accelerate your journey to the cloud in an efficient and cost-optimised way. We call the implementation of these core capabilities: cloud foundation. It sets a solid basis for systematic and well-managed cloud implementation. We work with all relevant stakeholders in your organisation to deliver a cloud governance model and implement enterprise-scale landing zones.

We will help you to build a strong cloud foundation to support your entire cloud environment.

Cloud Development Teams

Build and run scalable applications.

Our Cloud Native approach enables, supports, and accelerates your efforts to fully benefit from the cloud via the development of your new applications.

We deliver concrete cultural training and transformation, tooling to support development pipelines and, if necessary, skilled developers to assist you.

Passionate Support

Your 24/7 operation center.

Focus on making sure that you reach your business targets - we can take care of the operation of your workloads. We operate seamlessly with infrastructure, applications as well as content delivery and ensure that they are maintained and monitored properly. We rely on automation and modern machine learning to provide you the best possible posture to understand when things are working correctly and when they are not.

We are always improving our services as well as your implementation. We are there for you - 24/7.

We have chosen the best technologies on the market as our partners

AWS Premier Consulting Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

Google Cloud Platform Sell and Service Partner

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