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Many people reinvent the wheel without realizing, and at Knowit we work actively to stop this happening. Instead, we use the leading business intelligence tools. That saves money for our customers and means we can focus on their problems rather than recreating an existing tool.

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Henrik Serlow
Head of Partnerships in BI
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SAS Institute

SAS Institute are leaders in business intelligence solutions with advanced analysis. There are 70,000 SAS installations around the world, including at 91 of the 100 leading companies in the Fortune Global 500® ranking.

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Snowflake is the market's only cloud platform for data warehousing that was built from scratch to make use of all the benefits of the cloud. With Snowflake, it is easy to gather, analyze, and gain insights from your data. Snowflake will also make the data available to all the users, consumers, and systems that need the data.

Knowit is Snowflake's largest partner in Sweden and has experience of implementation in the cloud and of migration to Snowflake.

Logo: Tableau


Tableau offers a completely new and intuitive way of analyzing, visualizing, and presenting data. It is quick and easy, and you can create reports and dashboards with a single click.

The tool has revolutionized the market and is making an impact throughout the world, including the Nordic region. Knowit is Sweden’s largest Tableau partner and the only certified training partner.

Logo: WhereScape


Knowit works with WhereScape to speed up and simplify development through data warehouse automation, agile development, code standardization, and documentation.

It is a revolutionary tool that is taking Europe by storm. It makes the data warehouse development process more efficient, halving the time needed to extract data and using well-documented code.

Knowit is WhereScape’s largest partner in the Nordic region, offering certified consultants, advice, and tool demonstrations.

Logo: Microsoft


Knowit is a Microsoft Silver Business Intelligence Partner. Microsoft’s comprehensive product suite provides full business intelligence, and Knowit has completed many successful customer projects. We work with all BI products: SharePoint, Excel, SQL server (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), MDS and PowerBI.

Logo: Qlik


Knowit has been a Qlik partner for many years, and currently uses both its products – QlikView and QlikSense – to reveal and understand data and its interactions. Qlik solutions speed up the development process and deliver customer benefits in just a few days.

Logo: Oracle


In the world of Oracle BI, Knowit works with databases and ETL for advanced analysis and reporting. Examples of Oracle BI tools and techniques we are familiar with include OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder), ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) and OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition).

Knowit has a strong partnership and a close working relationship with Oracle.

Logo: Informatica


Informatica is the de facto industry standard for data integration tools. Informatica PowerCenter is a complete ETL platform for all your internal and external data transformation needs. Major Swedish companies use Informatica as the foundation for their data warehouses.

Logo: IBM


Knowit’s IBM offering encompasses business intelligence, ETL, data mining and predictive analysis, budgeting and planning, and visualization. IBM Cognos solutions are among the world’s most widely installed business intelligence suites. Knowit has many customers who benefit from our expertise in different fields: DataStage, TM1, Cognos, Watson Analytics and SPSS.

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