Why Umbraco?

With more than 700,000 solutions around the world, Umbraco is among the largest CMS platforms based on Microsoft technologies. Umbraco is also a free product that does not require any license, meaning that more money can be invested in developing your customer-specific solution. Thanks to its open source code, there is a large community with over 200,000 developers worldwide, always working to improve the platform and ensure that it remains stable, secure, and modern. Knowit also takes part and contributes continuously!


Umbraco has a very high level of user-friendliness and flexibility, with a strong focus on clarity and simplicity, without ever becoming limited. Umbraco is sometimes called “The editor’s CMS” because it often becomes the favorite tools of editors, simply because it is hard to make mistakes and easy to do things right.

Our clients

Are you looking for a secure and stable partner that is familiar with Umbraco? You’ve come to the right place! We are a full-service agency that helps our clients find a sustainable and long-term solution using our expertise in strategy, design, analytics, and technical development. Get in touch and we are happy to tell you more about how we can support you.

The largest partner to Umbraco in the Nordic region

At Knowit, we have long experience of working with Umbraco, and we are the company’s largest gold partner in the Nordic region. We have broad and solid knowledge that can be proved by our many certified developers, our highly satisfied clients and the most Umbraco MVP (Most Valuable Professional) awards in Sweden.

A versatility rarely seen

One of the strengths of Umbraco is its versatility when it comes to usage. You can easily use Umbraco as a CMS for a “traditional” website, intranet, or e-commerce site, but also as a Headless CMS to link to mobile apps or IoT. You can be safe in the knowledge that the platform can meet your needs in digital communication both now and in the future. Only your imagination sets the limits!

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