Why Optimizely?

Optimizely’s solution is automatically scalable, global, and connects e-commerce to digital marketing, which means that you can easily create unique, digital customer experiences with measurable business results. Thanks to a unique combination of content and product information, and AI-based personalization of customer journeys – all gathered on the same platform – you can create outstanding shopping experiences for your customers.

Precise personalization engine – increased sales

Optimizely has support for AI and Machine Learning to analyze customer behavior patterns and present the most relevant content in real-time. This will give you a more precise personalization ability, which increases the conversion rate and average value, which in turn increases your sales.

Successful e-commerce through segmentation

Successful e-commerce manages both content and product information in an efficient way. But it is also important that contents and campaigns are aimed at the right target groups. Optimizely provides support for segmenting by customer data (for logged in customers), company affiliation, order history, and various attributes that govern behavior (even for customers who are not logged in).

Integration with external systems

Optimizely can easily be integrated with external systems. There is support for, among many other things: marketing automation, search engines, PIM, Knowit Pulse for inRiver, and payment, using Optimizely’s service API. It is also possible to seamlessly integrate the system with Microsoft Dynamics 360 for the shortest time-to-market for unified commerce. We can help you with implementation and adaptation of the solution based on design, functionality, and integrations.

Knowit is a Premium Platinum Partner

At Knowit, thanks to our long-standing collaboration with Optimizely, we have developed a very high competence in their ecosystem. We have through sales, successfully implemented projects, and a large number of certified developers, reached the highest partnership level – Premium Platinum Partner: the only one in Europe! We are at the cutting edge when it comes to the latest technology and, with Optimizely, offer effective and data-driven marketing platforms to our clients.

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