UX design – experiences focused around the user

UX is not just about getting a good design in place or getting a customer journey that leads your customer to the right place for conversion. When we work with UX, the user is always in the center. We listen and adapt to their various needs and preferences. By striving to exceed expectations, we can make sure your services stand out among the others – while also making the service intuitive, simple, and easy to use. Behind every good and user-friendly interface is a lot of work on gathering insights.

UI design sets the tone

UX and UI are joined at the hip and when you use both together you can create real magic. Using UI, we set the tone, design, and interface for the service, product, or website, while we help you guide your customers through the user interface of the service or product. Depending on your needs, we can support you, give sound advice and provide our insights, or ensure that the interface will be what you’re expecting and what your customers need.

UD – ensure accessibility

Universal design is all about adapting products, services, and environments in order to make solutions better and simpler for everyone to use. Focusing on accessibility means that you think about how your solution will appear in strong sunlight or in a dark room, for example. It involves creating good, comprehensible content, so that your customers can order the product or service – while also ensuring that the buttons are large enough and that the fonts work on any device. Our consultants ensure that the solutions they develop are in accordance with WCAG 2.0 and the guidelines of the web accessibility directive.

Don’t forget usability testing!

Usability testing is a fantastic tool. Not only to figure out how the user navigates or if their needs are satisfied, but also to find out what feelings and thoughts arise in the most important person in the room: the user. You can usability test basically anything: web solutions, apps, logos, and campaign concepts. We use qualitative and quantitative tests, starting from what the client’s solution looks like and what the results are supposed to achieve.

UX writing & microcopy

UX writing and microcopy mean making the user experience better by writing short, concise, informal, and personal texts for a website, app, product, or service. When our UX writers understand a visitor’s intentions, they can use precise microcopy to simplify and make the digital journey toward the customer’s purchase as clear, simple, and fun as possible.

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