It’s all about creating better, more sustainable services

Design methodology creates space for experimentation, where you can explore various future scenarios through prototypes. Our service designers look at system connections to identify solutions that have a positive impact on people, culture, and the environment. To create better, more sustainable services, we involve users, service suppliers, experts, and stakeholders in the network – with a focus on simplifying the process and creating a sound environment for collaboration.

Tools & methods that solve challenges

There are a number of methods and tools for solving the challenges you have in relation to a product or service. Our service designers will choose the one that’s most appropriate for the task in question, whether it’s Design Thinking, Lean, Design Sprints or something else. Most methods have a relatively similar structure and use many common sets of tools. The goals and scope are the factors that determine the choice of method.

Map the customer journey to create engagement

The customer journey is a chronological and visual presentation of events and experiences that you come into contact with through a service, a product (digital or physical), or a brand – irrespective of channel. Through the customer journey, you gain a greater understanding of your client’s needs and challenges. Our service designer helps you map the customer journey for you, using visualization and storytelling, which makes it easier and more exciting to get involved in and manage the needs and challenges of your customers.

Service design & design thinking – how we can help you

Our service designers plan and organize everything connected to a service or product to create the best customer experience possible. They support you with anything from gathering user insights, identifying sources of friction, and making suggestions for improvements. This might involve helping you, as a company, see yourself through the eyes of the customer or delivering user experiences that improve the customer journey, based on analyses, insights, and needs. They will also help you identify new needs and design services or products based on current needs, quality assure ideas through prototyping, and test new solutions. How can we help you?

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