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The digitization industry’s roadmap for a Fossil Free Sweden

A roadmap for a Fossil Free Sweden has been presented to Minister for the Environment Isabella Lövin (the Green Party) and Minister for Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan (the Social Democratic Party). The roadmap clarifies how the digitization industry, along with its customers, politicians, and other decision-makers, can facilitate a shift to a fossil free Sweden. Knowit has shown its support for the roadmap, along with over thirty other companies in the industry.

The roadmap has been drawn up within the framework of Fossil Free Sweden. The vision is to have contributed to Sweden and the world having decreased their energy consumption by 2045 so as not to exceed a temperature increase of 1.5 °C. This is to be achieved through a focus on the low energy scenario highlighted by the UN Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, in its latest report.

The digitization consultants jointly encourage the Swedish Government to take seven actions:

  1. Appoint a digital transformation commission with an international ambition.
  2. Update the appropriation directions with requirements on digital low-energy strategies.
  3. Encourage reporting of Scope 4/avoided emissions to highlight the potential of digitization in contributing to companies becoming suppliers of fossil free solutions.
  4. Appoint a fast-paced investigative committee on open data to support global sustainability.
  5. Clarify the responsibility for digitization and sustainability within each ministry.
  6. Appoint resources for a national increase of knowledge.
  7. Establish “testing zones” for sustainable digital transformation.

“At Knowit, we work together with our customers to develop new digital solutions that contribute to a sustainable and humane society. Digitization can, through new business models and system solutions, in a positive way contribute to both streamlining and decreased energy usage. Together with our colleagues in the industry, we will continue working to deliver innovative solutions for achieving a fossil free society,” says Per Wallentin, President of Knowit.

Along with its 33 colleagues in the industry, Knowit commits to:

  1. At least halve the energy usage in the industry by 2030, with the ambition of achieving zero emissions before 2045.
  2. Agree on a minimum level of knowledge among employees regarding the effects of digitization from a climate and sustainability perspective.
  3. Agree on a framework for reporting both positive and negative contributions. 

More information about the roadmaps of Fossil Free Sweden can be found on the website of the initiative.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications