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The acquisition is complete – now we are creating the best customer experiences together

In late November, the Norwegian Competition Authority approved the acquisition of Creuna and as of 1 December we are now one and the same company. We are thrilled to welcome our new coworkers onboard and look forward to creating the best customer experiences together.

On 22 October, it was announced that Knowit was acquiring Creuna. The acquisition meant that Knowit Experience would grow from around 600 employees to about 900 employees in the Nordic region. Under Norwegian legislation, the acquisition could not be finalized until the Norwegian Competition Authority had reviewed and approved it.

“Right now, we are working on coordinating our processes and helping our new coworkers get familiar with Knowit and making sure they feel welcome. We have high hopes for the future and look forward to jointly creating the possibilities to be the most complete and data-driven customer experience agency in the Nordic region,” says Måns Hjertstrand, CEO Knowit Experience in Göteborg.

Now that Knowit Experience’s offer in customer experiences is being joined with Creuna, our clients will get access to one of the country’s most complete and successful agencies in digital experiences.

“We will now be able to deliver even more creative and client-focused user experiences, and we will have greater capacity and flexibility in technical development. We are growing stronger, with more competent colleagues who can contribute to making our client projects even more robust,” says Måns.

Both Knowit and Creuna are agencies with customer experiences as a core service. We have overlapping, but also complementary expertise, and will defend our position as Sweden’s most complete agency for customer experiences after the merger.

You can read more about the background to the acquisition on our website.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications