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Tekniska verken chooses Knowit as its digital partner


Tekniska verken in Linköping has procured a digital partner for its five websites and Knowit Experience in Linköping was given the confidence to participate in “building the world’s most resource-efficient region.”

Knowit has for many years successfully delivered services to Tekniska verken, primarily through a long-term collaboration with the subsidiary Bixia, the electricity supplier within the group. Now, the collaboration will be expanding with a focus on working together with Tekniska verken to find smart solutions for their five websites, based on new technology, the existing collaboration, and their goal of creating digital experiences at the cutting edge, with users taking center stage.

“Knowit is a proactive partner that has supported us on our digital journey for several years. We have strong confidence in both its technical competence and its ability to create solutions focused on the users’ needs. This makes us feel safe in continuing our digital journey and developing the digital presence of the future together,” says Fredrik Remneblad, market manager at Tekniska verken.

Knowit Experience is one of the leading digital agencies in the Nordic region, with more than 600 specialists in technology and communication. Knowit Experience operates at the intersection between humans and technology, working with solutions to develop and strengthen the interaction with the client’s customer. Knowit Experience has operations in six locations throughout Sweden, including in Linköping, which means both knowledge of the local area and closeness to the operations of Tekniska verken.

“Getting the chance to collaborate with a company that has such a strong focus on sustainability and resource efficiency feels particularly good, and is in line with our own sustainability work within Knowit,” says Fredrik Grahn, CEO of Knowit Experience in Linköping.

The collaboration will begin in October and continue for three years, with an option for extension.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications