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Positive start to 2019 and continued good development


Knowit is starting off 2019 with increased sales, profit, and margin as compared with the same period 2018, and the company remains strong on a strong market. Demand is still high on all the markets where the company operates.

Knowit increased its EBITA profit by 16.3 percent to SEK 100.4 (86.3) million for the quarter. Net sales increased by 14.8 percent to SEK 873.7 (761.0) million. The margin was 11.5 (11.3) percent.

The company has seen a stable increase on all its markets. The growth and result development from the Norwegian operations are particularly strong.

“We have had good growth in our Norwegian operations. Both the public and the private sector are investing in digitalization. This is something that we, with our well-known brand, successful recruitment, well-functioning delivery organization and skilled employees, can take advantage of,” says Per Wallentin, CEO and president.

An increasing proportion of Knowit’s sales are coming from purchases from the clients’ business operations. This is a general trend, which means that it is increasingly important to understand the clients’ business operations to stay relevant as a supplier. Knowit, which has for several years been investing in management consultancy and communication competence, in addition to systems development and services related to technology, is well-positioned for this development.

“It is more important than ever to understand how technology can contribute to new deals. Here, Knowit has a strong position, with our combination of operational competence and technical knowledge in our three business areas,” says Per Wallentin.

“Our decentralized model, with independent and strong units, which we have been building for many years, is an important part of our success,” Per Wallentin concludes.

For detailed information on the outcome of the first quarter, please refer to the interim report published on the website.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications