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Offset issue for payment of consideration adjustment


The Board of Knowit AB has, based on authorization from the AGM on 28 April 2020, decided on an offset issue of 52,445 shares for payment of an adjustment sum following consideration adjustment, totaling SEK 12.5 million, attributable to the previously performed acquisition of the Nordic digital agency Creuna.

As already communicated, Knowit has acquired the Nordic digital agency Creuna, an acquisition that was finalized on 30 November 2020. The acquisition agreement contained regular clauses on consideration adjustment, which have meant that Knowit is to pay out an adjustment sum of around SEK 12.5 million to the seller of Creuna, either in cash or in newly issued shares in Knowit. The Board of Knowit has decided, based on authorization from the AGM on 28 April 2020, to pay the deferred consideration through an offset issue to the sellers of Creuna.

In accordance with the terms of the acquisition agreement, the new shares are issued at a subscription price of SEK 238.191 per share. The subscription price corresponds to the volume-weighted average share price of Knowit shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Nasdaq) for the ten (10) latest trading days on 22 October 2020. Through the new issue, the number of shares in Knowit will increase by 52,445 shares, from 19,809,558 shares to 19,862,003 shares. Share capital will increase by SEK 52,445 from SEK 19,809,558 to SEK 19,862,003. The new issue will have a dilution effect of around 0.26 percent for existing shareholders, based on the total number of shares in Knowit after the offset issue.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications