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Nordic powerhouse Knowit strengthens its presence in Finland

The new Knowit enters the ranks of Finland's largest consulting companies with its 4,000-employee strong Nordic organisation

  • Knowit, an enabler of a sustainable future, supports customers in the digital transformation, and creates secure and innovative solutions 
  • In Finland, Knowit aims for strong growth with a stronger client offering such as cloud solutions, data analytics and management consulting 
  • Knowit provides a Nordic platform for growth and development for the best talent 


The new and bigger Knowit commenced operations in Finland on 1 October 2021, after integrating the Cybercom and Capacent acquisitions into the company. In total, Knowit in Finland consists of 400 employees, now working as part of a 4,000 strong network of experts. The Knowit Group, listed in Nasdaq Stockholm, also operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Poland. 

"Combining forces was a natural step for us. With our unique combination of competence in IT, design, communication, and management, we are even more attractive a partner for our customers. We can take more complex and larger assignments to support in creating innovative solutions," says Tapio Koivisto, who has been appointed CEO of Knowit Solutions Oy in Finland.  

Koivisto, who previously held the position of Cybercom Finland MD, is also the spokesperson for Knowit in Finland. 

I see a lot of opportunities for organic growth in Finland, where both the private and public sectors are very enthusiastic to leverage the opportunities of digitalization" says Koivisto. 

In Finland, Knowit operates in three business areas that help customers leverage business-relevant information through new technology and innovation. Knowit Solutions provides system development and cloud services, Knowit Insight management consulting, and Knowit Experience digital agency solutions. Services include advanced strategic and operative planning, service design, digital services, advanced analytics, cloud services, agile software development and quality assurance. 

CEO Koivisto emphasises sustainability as Knowit's guiding principle. Sustainable development is built into the DNA of Knowit, rooted in years of prior experience of both companies. The use of resources, energy consumption, and the sustainability of supply chains are typical areas of development for customers.  

"We are genuinely able to implement significant projects that support sustainable development. With our extensive expertise and offering we have excellent capabilities to help our clients build a more sustainable future. Globally, capital flows are strongly steered towards sustainable development, and companies that address these challenges will come on top," Koivisto states. 

All Knowit, Cybercom and Capacent employees are transferred to Knowit as existing employees. Knowit has its Finnish headquarters in Helsinki. Other offices are located in Tampere, Turku, and Oulu. 

"New Knowit offers our employees ample opportunities to work in a Nordic network of experts. Our work is guided by a vision to accelerate digital transformation and realise business models that align with sustainable development," says Tapio Koivisto.

For more information, please contact

Tapio Koivisto, CEO, Knowit Solutions Oy, +358 40 542 8698 or
Christina Johansson, Head of Communications, Knowit, +46 70 542 17 34 or



Christina Johansson

Head of Communications