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New client offering for sustainable business

In a changeable world, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how and in what direction society is developing, so that we can become better at seizing opportunities, managing risks, and shaping our businesses. This is why Knowit is strengthening its sustainability efforts through a special venture supplementing its existing management consultancy operations. The focus is on finding business benefits in sustainability matters and integrating them into our clients’ business models.

In this new venture, the focus is on mapping, analyzing, formulating goals, and creating strategies. We then train, inspire, and formulate relevant sustainability messages based on sound business grounds and associated with the products, which are to be integrated into the client’s business model. The sustainability work serves to uncover new business opportunities, avoid risks, and build or strengthen the brand.

“Sustainability is a very hot topic that needs to be lifted higher on the agenda of every organization. We need to make sure we use the many tools that we have available, and realize that there are business benefits in sustainability matters. The venture is in line with how we work at Knowit to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation,” says Carin Strindmark, EVP of Knowit Insight.

Sustainable business is all about creating a positive development through new ideas, inventions, digital solutions, and innovations. Naturally, they should also yield revenue for those who have invested in the operations. Ulrica Timborn, a management consultant with extensive experience of sustainable business and sustainable innovation, is heading up the new offering. She says:

“I, like many others, expect that the private sector will take responsibility for ensuring that we meet the climate goals that have been set and that we manage to turn the negative development around. I am both happy and proud to contribute to Knowit’s increased sustainability efforts and to work on this alongside our clients – for future generations.”


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications