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Knowit partners with Changers Hub


Changers Hub and Knowit are teaming up for a long-term collaboration. The ambition is to jointly open the doors of the digitalization sector to a broader target group and create the conditions for a more inclusive society.

Changers Hub is an innovation hub and organization with the vision to democratize success, so that every young person gets the same opportunities to realize their dreams and change their future, regardless of their background. The organization was established in the outskirts of Stockholm in 2015 and has grown quickly since then.

Knowit has been working actively with equality for several years and won the AllBright Award for the most equal listed company in 2019. The partnership with Changers Hub, and this broadening its initiative in diversity, is a natural next step on the journey towards equality and inclusion.

“The partnership with Changers Hub gives us new contact routes and access to a new generation of talents, while allowing us to showcase the possibilities of a career in the digitalization sector. Changers Hub will also support us on our internal journey towards becoming a more equal and inclusive company,” says Per Wallentin, CEO of Knowit.

Changers Hub’s operations encompass education, for instance in programming, coaching of young entrepreneurs, and co-working spaces for its members. The organization also supports companies through workshops and lectures aimed at giving executives and employees a better understanding of the role that their company has, from an inclusion perspective.

“The collaboration with Changers Hub is not a ‘check the box’ partnership. We are looking forward to a high level of commitment, so we can challenge Knowit on the journey towards developing a more equal and inclusive workplace. Together, we can contribute to a more equal society,” says Victoria Escobar, co-founder and operative manager at Changers Hub.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications