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Knowit most successful with 4 golds in Performance Awards!

During this year's Performance Awards in Norway, Knowit brought home a total of 4 gold awards. We are delighted to win, but even more delighted to prove that we create things that really work - and that in critical business contexts.

The cases we won with are for Komplett, which has used data in a unique way to increase profits by 75 percent, and our own recruitment solution, Apply or Die, which has provided us with 300 qualified leads and enabled us to make several key hires in the last year.

Winning the evening with four gold awards

During the award ceremony, Komplett and Knowit could go up to the stage three times to receive gold awards. One for Performance Innovation, one for Online Performance, and one for Best use of data. The fourth and final gold award secured Apply or Die's team in the Lead Performance category.

"It's incredibly fun to see that hard work is being recognized. Both the work with Komplett and Apply or Die has been unique. We have thought outside the box, dared to challenge the norm, and truly demonstrated what we can achieve by combining creativity and technology. A big round of applause to everyone who has been involved in this work," said Lars Erik Austad, Managing Director of Knowit Experience in Oslo.

Performance Awards are held every year by INMA. The award ceremony is part of a full-day conference that focuses on inspiring the use of technology and digital platforms to maximize investments in marketing efforts.