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Knowit has signed an agreement with the Norwegian Police Services


Knowit has won a procurement procedure for the Norwegian Police Services, with the assignment of working with digitalization of the Norwegian Police Services’ operations. The framework agreement extends over four years and include a broad spectrum of competencies. The estimated value of the framework agreement is NOK 4 billion and the deliveries will be made in collaboration with two main partners.

“Naturally, we are both pleased, proud, and humbled to have been selected by the Norwegian Police Services. It is particularly inspiring that we get to deliver within several different competence areas, from architecture and design to security, analytics, and project management,” says Snorre Finanger, contract manager at Knowit. 

Knowit has been trusted to deliver digitalization services to the Norwegian Police Services over the next four years in collaboration with Computas and Sopra Steria.

The new agreement is one in a long line of large public sector assignments. Knowit has in recent years built wide experience from public sector entities like the Norwegian Public Road Administration, the Norwegian Tax Authority and NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration).

“Working with these important public assignments is notably stimulating and meaningful to our employees. In these kinds of assignments, our contribution to the development of a better society becomes more clear. It is also completely in line with Knowit’s vision of creating a sustainable and humane society,” says Per Wallentin, CEO & President of Knowit.

The contract with the Norwegian Police Services represents a mutually binding partnership that will aid the Police through product development to achieve its goals of performing its societal mission with sound digital services and products. The Police will be able to have long-term ownership of its product development, but will still depend on capacity from suppliers during periods when the need for resources are higher than normal, and to get access to competence and capacity with experience of product development.

Knowit signs an agreement with the Police

Knowit signs an agreement with the Police

Photographer Olav Urdahl

In the photo:
Fredrik Ekerhovd, Vice President Head of Knowit Experience
Kjerstin Wester, Assistant Director, Norwegian Police Services
Catherine Janson, Director of the Norwegian Police Services IT unit
Snorre Finanger, contract manager at Knowit

Collaboration and partnership are crucial

The delivery to the Police will be performed together with an alliance of subcontractors that all work in close collaboration. Snorre Finanger, contract manager, is convinced that this is a success factor in really large assignments.

“The main battle in coming years is not winning these contracts on our own, but ensuring that we can always deliver both the competence and the profile that the client needs. With a fully digitalized and data-driven management of the contract, we can ensure that we become the digital transformation agent that the Police has requested. We look forward to getting started,” says Finanger.

Finanger is convinced that the partnership alliance has contributed to giving the Norwegian Police Services a sense of security in the deliveries of the coming years.

Knowit has in the past few years gathered vast experience of working with significant partnership alliances for large clients. The common denominator among these clients is often that they face large digital transformations and have a need of flexible solutions that both simplify everyday life and increase usability for end users.

“The combination of multiple cutting edge environments, where people and competencies are the focal point, gives the client certainty that the best consultant or team will be on the job. We look forward to helping the Police with this,” says Finanger in closing.