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Knowit gets expanded assignment for Norwegian Vy


Knowit has been given renewed confidence in the technology area for Vy, the largest transport group in the Nordic region. A new framework agreement has been signed in the area of data and analytics for usage of data as business support. The new agreement supplements the existing partnership in IT development and technology.

Knowit has for the past four years been one of three suppliers through the framework for IT development at Vy. It is now clear that the partnership will be extended and expanded in the area of data and analytics.

“We are very pleased to have been given renewed confidence from Vy. Vy strives to have long-term partners that can help develop its IT environment and contribute with the right and sufficient capacity. Data are central to building smart and efficient client solutions and therefore it is stimulating to see that our collaboration is reinforced in this area too,” says Amund Brandsrud, head of the business area Knowit Solutions in Norway.

In addition to Knowit, the Norwegian consultancy firms Iterate and Twoday have signed framework agreements with Vy in the development area. The new framework agreement in the area of data and analytics is being signed along with Twoday and Ernst & Young and has a term of two years, with a possibility of two years’ extension.

The transport group Vy, which last year had over 156 million bus and train travelers in Norway and Sweden, will be a large and important client for Knowit during the coming four-year period. With subcontractors, Knowit has created constellations with Capra Consulting and Miles (development) and Aztek and Nextbridge (data and analytics).

Bård Singstad, the client manager who initiated the agreement process for Knowit, says that the development will continue to be performed in a close and professional partnership.

“Working with Vy should be perceived as meaningful, both for our own employees working in the project and for Vy’s own developers. Transport of people and goods is crucial to developing sustainable, sound, and safe cities and towns in Norway and throughout Scandinavia. This is an assignment that improves society and attracts our competent employees,” says Bård Singstad, client manager at Knowit.