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Knowit Experience is growing in Denmark

One year after the merger with Creuna, Knowit Experience is now expanding its presence in Denmark with new acquisition in the form of the design agency 1508 and its tech expert sister company Strømlin. The ambition is to continue to gain a footing as Denmark’s leading agency in digital customer experiences.

At the turn of the millennium, Creuna and 1508 were among the first agencies to position themselves as leading in digital customer experiences in Denmark. Now, the two creative agencies are being joined under the same brand, Knowit Experience, which through the acquisitions of 1508 and its sister company Strømlin is significantly strengthening its position in Denmark. Knowit Experience will now have 60 employees in Copenhagen, and there are around 80 digital specialists from the former Creuna in Aarhus.

Already in connection with the merger with Creuna last year, Knowit Experience made it clear that it had grand ambitions for the Danish market, with the long-term goal of reaching the same leading position and size that the agency already has in Sweden and Norway.

“First and foremost, we are proud that 1508 and Strømlin have chosen to join forces with us at Knowit Experience. These are two well-established companies that we have a lot of respect for and we are truly glad to have them onboard. We have wanted a larger presence in Copenhagen for a long time, so it feels great that we now have two established companies in the group that share our values and see the same huge potential for a joint position on the market. At the same time, we share the view that exceptionally talented employees and an attractive workplace are the most important parameters for achieving our ambitions,” says Roar Nissen, CEO of Knowit Experience in Denmark.

According to 1508 and Strømlin, their motivation lies in a shared set of values and the possibilities that follow from being a larger player:

“Within both 1508 and Strømlin, we have for some time been investigating the possibilities of becoming part of something bigger. We have high ambitions and want to be able to have a greater impact with what we do. But the most important thing for us has been that it should be an organization that we could see ourselves as a part of. We have found precisely that in Knowit Experience, which from the beginning showed every respect for our cultures and work methods. We share an interest in finding the synergies in the tensions between our cultures and disciplines, in order to jointly create a new, stronger sense of community to benefit both our operations and our employees,” says Mikkel Jespersen, cofounder and CEO of 1508.

Strømlin is also looking forward to the new possibilities that the merger with Knowit Experience will create:

“We will become part of a large, Nordic family with almost 4,000 skilled employees, which means that we can manage projects at a very different scale compared with before. And at a local level, we are getting a bunch of new colleagues in Copenhagen, who can give us the necessary bandwidth to deal with the many assignments we already have. This will result in a more dynamic setup, meaning that we can operate both locally and internationally. We see that as a huge potential,” says Morten Brandt, Partner & CEO at Strømlin.

1508 will continue to operate under its current brand for some time, while Strømlin will become part of Knowit Experience in Copenhagen at the start of next year.

“With our new colleagues from Strømlin, we are strengthening our already skilled team of digital specialists in Copenhagen, and I greatly look forward to welcoming them. We largely share the vision of combining business knowledge, creativity, and technology to create the best digital customer experiences – our clients can look forward to meeting an even stronger team in the future,” says Stine Reesen, head of Knowit Experience on Copenhagen.

The agreement on acquisition by Knowit Experience of 1508 and Strømlin was signed on December 14, 2021, and the acquisition is expected to be finalized at the turn of the year.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications