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Knowit develops data-driven client dialogue for Feelgood


Together with Knowit, Feelgood is developing new possibilities to analyze activities and efforts to create a more personalized and proactive client dialogue.

Knowit has developed a digital analytics tool that will be used by Feelgood in the dialogue with its clients. The aim is to create more, and more relevant, client insights, so that Feelgood can deliver even more value in the ongoing collaboration and interaction with its clients. This can be done by providing the clients with better decision support regarding which actions and investments are needed to prevent ill health at various levels in their organizations.

The new digital tool is based on the innovative cloud-based data warehouse Snowflake and one of the market’s leading analytics tools, Tableau.

“We have immense amounts of health and organization data, and with this tool we can provide our clients with deepened and improved insights to use in their efforts to get healthier employees and sustainable organizations,” says Jens Olofsson, sales manager at Feelgood.

“We are proud to have been given the confidence of supporting Feelgood to achieve a more data-driven client dialogue. Our competence, combined with clear goals and a committed team from Feelgood, make it possible to develop an innovative and modern solution,” says Mia Schriwer, business manager at Knowit.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications