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Knowit and Verisure in a new strategic partnership

Knowit has been given confidence as a strategic partner in contributing to further development of Verisure’s digital services.

Knowit was awarded contracts across different development areas and will support Verisure with engineering competence in a hybrid offer with consultants from Poland and Sweden.

Knowit is already one of Verisure’s selected providers within existing framework agreements. The assignments have expanded over the past year, as a result of the acquisition by Knowit in 2021 of Cybercom, which was also a supplier under the then existing agreement.

“We are very proud to have been given the confidence of contributing to Verisure’s continued development of digital platforms. We have created new conditions for functioning as the right hand of Verisure’s own development teams and have found a model where we can use competences from Sweden and Poland in various assignments over time,” says Camilla Maricic, client manager at Knowit.

The new collaboration model gives Knowit the possibility of supporting Verisure’s development projects in an efficient way with fast deliveries and competent resources. Hybrid teams with consultants from both Sweden and Poland also create sound cost control.

“Verisure is expanding in both size and product offering to our customers. We are experiencing a constant flow of interesting technical development requirements, with several longer projects ongoing. We look forward to working closely with Knowit in this new collaboration model and have already seen good traction with our use of blended teams in several projects,” says Robert Hed, chief of staff at Verisure Technology based in Malmö.

The new collaboration began this spring and currently encompasses around twenty consultants from Knowit in various assignments.