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Knowit and StyrelseAkademien Stockholm educate boards in digital business development


In collaboration with Knowit, StyrelseAkademien Stockholm has created a unique education program for experienced board members. The education in digital business development is intended to help companies become future winners in the digital transformation.

Digital competence in the board is growing more important, as many companies face large changes to their business models.

“The task of StyrelseAkademien is to work actively to strengthen the capacity and value development of Swedish businesses by making board work more professional. Digitalization is now high up on the agenda for most companies. Therefore, we want to be able to offer our members competence development. Collaborating with Knowit, a company that works with these matters on a daily basis, ensures that the education is both relevant and up-to-date,” says Gunvor Engström, Chairman of the Board at StyrelseAkademien Stockholm.

The goal of the education is to give board members the competence needed to analyze existing business models and to work with their companies to develop new digital strategies and business models that meet the needs of tomorrow.

“We see a great possibility for Knowit, working in partnership with StyrelseAkademien, to reach out with our experience and competence in digitalization to decision-makers in the private sector. Our consultants encounter these challenges on a daily basis when working with our clients, thus getting an insight into the needs of companies in many different industries. This means that we can contribute with cutting-edge expertise and provide pertinent education,” says Per Wallentin, CEO and President of Knowit.

In charge of the education on Knowit’s part is the business area Insight. Knowit Insight currently has around 300 management consultants, offering strategic services in, for example, data-driven growth, cybersecurity, and transformation management.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications