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Knowit and SOS Alarm in collaboration to increase safety in society


At the turn of the month, SOS Alarm released a 112 app. One of the goals with the app was to enable people to get fast, relevant, and reliable information about emergent events. The app, which was developed in collaboration with Knowit, has within the first week of release already become highly popular among the public and has been useful in several 112 calls.

Using the app, the user can call 112 and thus send his/her position to SOS Alarm. In the app, you can also get warnings about accidents in your vicinity and receive Important Public Announcements (VMA; Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten) as push notifications. There is also information about other important contact channels and handy tips in case of a crisis, serving to increase both knowledge and the feeling of security among the public.

“There are many dangers and causes for concern in our surroundings. The app is there to provide an extra layer of safety if something occurs. It provides information in real time if, for instance, a fire or car accident occurs in your vicinity. It is an app that you will hopefully never need to use, but which can save lives if crisis strikes,” says Niclas Cholodov, product owner at SOS Alarm.

SOS Alarm is in charge of the national emergency number 112 and guarantees and coordinates emergency efforts when needed. The purpose of the 112 app is to establish yet another communication channel with the public.

Knowit has worked with SOS Alarm both in needs analysis and developing the app, which is now subject to application management with 24/7 support. In future, the assignment will encompass continuous improvement and adaptation of the functionality based on feedback from users.

“This has been an exciting and very meaningful assignment, where we have used many of the different competence areas within Knowit. Everything from requirements identification and project management to development, security audits, and testing. This is a service that truly creates benefits for society, which is also part of Knowit’s vision to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation,” says Camilla Landén, who has been the project head on Knowit’s side.

SOS Alarm’s 112 app is free and can be downloaded through both the AppStore and Google Play.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications