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Knowit and Health Integrator develop risk scoring tool for type 2 diabetes

In collaboration with Health Integrator, Knowit has developed an improved methodology and tool to better identify individuals at risk of type 2 diabetes. By combining medical science and data analysis the tool has the potential to change the quality of life for thousands of people. As well as relieving the public health service of enormous costs. The tool is also Knowit´s contribution at SAS Global Hackathon 2022.

SAS Global Hackathon is the innovation event where participants from the whole world gather up, with the purpose of developing innovative tech solutions for challenges that can be developed with data analysis and AI. 

Knowit and Health Integrator joined forces to develop a solution to make a difference in the health care field. Health Integrator has developed a health program that empower people to reduce the risk of chronic diseases by helping them make healthier choices.

“The Knowit team set out to improve the methodology for predicting type 2 diabetes, to save the society large medical bills and increase the lifespan and quality of life for countless of people. All resulting in the new diamond standard for diabetes analysis, KnowRisc.”, says Fredrik Söder, founder and CEO Health Integrator.

Diabetes is one of the biggest global diseases today with 500 million people diagnosed worldwide. In Sweden more than 30 percent of adults are at risk of developing diabetes due to lack of preventive measures. The estimated cost for the Swedish society is 300 million SEK yearly. To prevent this scale up, people need an easy and accessible tool to predict the risk of developing a metabolic disease and, if identified with a high-risk score, get help to make new choices in their everyday life.  

“We set a roadmap to find a way to identify individuals who are at risk of developing a metabolic disease, like T2 diabetes. By combining medical science and digitalization we improved upon existing methods by utilizing state of the art machine learning models”, says Per-Dimitri Sønderland, Data Engineer at Knowit.

KnowRisc, a scoring tool for T2 diabetes, is the solution presented at the SAS Global Hackathon 2022. The tool use verified measurements to predict if individuals are at risk of developing T2 diabetes. By training machine learning models combined with visualization and SAS Viaya, a deeper understanding of why diabetes occurs and how risks can be reduced was achieved.

This partnership, with Knowit and Health Integrator, is also a proof of how technology and digitalization can be integrated in health care and ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications