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Increased net sales and stable profit 2019


In the fourth quarter, Knowit continues to increase its net sales, with a profit and margin on par with that for the last quarter of 2018. For the full year 2019, net sales and profit increase for the sixth year running. Net sales for 2019 increased by 8.2% to SEK 3,335 million. The EBITA profit was SEK 319.2 (315.1) million. The board proposes an increased dividend of SEK 6.40 (5.80) per share.

Knowit as a whole has a continued positive growth and has had a net recruitment of 77 new employees during the year, primarily in the business area Solutions. Demand remains high, although a slightly slower decisionmaking process for new investments is noticeable.

Solutions, Knowit’s largest business area, increases its net sales and profit, while retaining a strong margin for both the full year and the fourth quarter.

“Projects close to the operations, with a need for new system support, are highly prioritized among our clients, which means that demand remains high for Solutions,” says President Per Wallentin.

The business area Insight showed lower net sales and a halved result as compared with last year. Client assignments suddenly closed down during the third quarter have continued to affect net sales and profit, even though most of the affected consultants have new assignments.

“During the quarter, we have worked with a strong focus on sales, in parallel with increasing internal efficiency. We remain a trusted partner and have a strong position in the digital transformations of our clients,” says Per Wallentin.

The business area Experience has increased its net sales during the year, with a slightly lower profit and margin. During the last six months of the year, Experience has invested in new client offerings in e-commerce and CRM, with a focus on data-driven customer experiences, which can explain this.

“Experience has a strong position as one of the Nordic region’s largest digital agencies and we see a strong and growing interest for our services, particularly in data-driven customer experiences,” says Per Wallentin.

During the quarter, Knowit was named the most equal company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange by the Allbright Foundation.

“The Allbright Award is a distinction of which I am particularly proud, as we have been working hard and consistently in the past years to create an inclusive workplace,” says Per Wallentin.

“With clients and employees deeply involved in digital transformation and on a market that sustains its demand for our specialist competencies, I see strong possibilities for Knowit to continue to contribute to real societal benefits and a more humane society,” says Per Wallentin.

For detailed information on the results of the fourth quarter, please refer to the year-end report, which can be viewed on Knowit's website.


Christina Johansson

Head of Communications